Whether you are just starting out in business or a seasoned professional, testimonials are the best way to attract new customers and build your client base.

So what is a testimonial?

According to Business Dictionary, a testimonial is:

a written recommendation from a satisfied customer affirming the performance, quality, and/or value of a product or service.

Used appropriately, testimonials are a powerful marketing tool for individuals and small businesses alike.

Not only do they give feedback to others about the operation of the business, testimonials should allow prospective customers or clients to learn whether that potential product or service is right for them.

What should a testimonial demonstrate?

A good recommendation should show other potential clients or customers the:

  • quality of the product or services
  • timeliness of product or service delivery
  • effectiveness of communication between parties
  • overall manner in which business was conducted

That's why many sole traders and small businesses often request your positive feedback after the products or services have been delivered. 

I know I do! 

Testimonials Recommendations Right Lane Writing Services

I am very thankful and proud that my clients are more than happy to testify to my writing and editing services. As such, several recommendations have been uploaded below for your viewing pleasure.

An excellent writing service with prompt and professional assistance. Lane gives your resume and cover letter the overhaul it needs to stand out and get noticed.

Amazing work!

Isaac M – “Professional Assistance.” Job-seeker

Lane edited an article for me for our new website and she did such a great job. I’m very happy with her work.

Highly recommended!!

Tamsin Testimonial Right Lane Writing Services
Tamsin M – “Highly recommended.” Blogger and Photographer

When my second novel When Worlds Collide was close to completion, I needed the services of an honest, reliable proofreader. Lane provided honest supportive criticism of the narrative structure, suggested improved clarity for my readers and thorough, effective corrections throughout the manuscript.

Her willingness to conference with me about particular aspects of the manuscript I wanted scrutinised was refreshing. Lane then provided specific feedback on those aspects in a timely manner, framing criticism of problematic elements in supportive terms. She also took the time to provide the positive feedback that all writers crave. The result was a more polished manuscript that I am confident of submitting for publication.

I would recommend Right Lane Writing Services to anyone who needs a proofreader, whether it be for a lengthy manuscript, short fiction and non-fiction texts or even university assignments.

Anthony Cupitt Testimonial Right Lane Writing Services
Anthony Cupitt – “Honest, reliable proofreader.” Author of "Guardians" and "When Worlds Collide", Philosopher & English Teacher

Lane’s editorial assistance in our project was incisive, timely, and crucial.

She brought attention to detail and the sense that she wanted these books to succeed as much as we did.

The result was that we were able to bring our completed work to our publisher with confidence – all the important errors and ommissions had already been dealt with in a timely manner.

Julie Arnold Testimonial Right Lane Writing Services
Julie Arnold – “Attention to detail.” Co-author "English in Practice"

However, there are many more on my Facebook and Google Business page. So, check them out too if you'd like to know more about how I operate.

Who knows?

You might just see your own recommendation there in the near future.

If you'd like to find out for yourself, let's talk. See if I am the right fit for your needs.

I'd love to work with you.