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Ever wanted effective print or digital copy for your business but didn't have the money to engage an expensive agency? How often have you needed to edit and proofread your documents or thesis but didn't have the time or know how? That’s where Right Lane Writing Services can help. 

Today, more than ever, individuals and small businesses need to perform smarter, to turn hard work and effort into $$$. With the right words, you can develop a successful online presence, finish that manuscript or ensure all your print marketing documents are ready for publishing.

Want to know how?

It's easy! You need smart, effective writing that engages and persuades - turning inquiries into sales, interviews into new careers and first drafts into masterpieces.

Let me assist you! Words are my specialty.



Need smart copy that engages and persuades your target market? Call Right Lane Writing Services for an obligation free quote and get results from fast, effective copywriting. Today.


Want an experienced proofreader who understands more than just grammar, spelling & punctuation? Call Right Lane Writing Services. Proofreading is my forte.


Wish you could edit your manuscript and take it to the next level? Let experienced editing staff at Right Lane Writing Services, help you create your masterpiece.

Copywriting Right Lane Writing Services

Here at Right Lane Writing Services, I offer a range of services that cater to both small businesses and creative individuals, including:

  • smart, effective web copy & content including landing pages, bios, and product descriptions
  • website evaluation & assessment for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • keyword-specific SEO copy for your website to increase your Google standing
  • blog posts, features articles & product reviews
  • social media marketing
  • persuasive print copy that ensures your brochures, flyers, direct marketing letters & emails hit the mark
  • resumes, CVs and cover letters
  • copy editing and rewriting existing web & print copy
  • critical, supportive feedback on manuscripts
  • proofreading and copy editing for short stories, academic essays, novels, speeches, non-fiction texts & more.

If you need some advice about whether I can help you achieve your goals, send me an email to request a consultation to discuss your needs. It's obligation free!


professional assistance testimonial Right Lane Writing Services

An excellent writing service with prompt and professional assistance. Lane gives your resume and cover letter the overhaul it needs to stand out and get noticed.

Amazing work!

Thank you so much!

Isaac M – “Professional Assistance.” Job-seeker

tamsin right lane writing servicesLane edited an article for me for our new website and she did such a great job.

I’m very happy with her work.

Highly recommended!!

Tamsin M – “Highly recommended.” Blogger and Photographer

Honest reliable proofreader Right Lane Writing Services

When my second novel When Worlds Collide was close to completion, I needed the services of an honest, reliable proofreader.

Lane provided honest supportive criticism of the narrative structure, suggested improved clarity for my readers and thorough, effective corrections throughout the manuscript.

Her willingness to conference with me about particular aspects of the manuscript I wanted scrutinised was refreshing.

She then provided specific feedback on those aspects in a timely manner, framing criticism of problematic elements in supportive terms.

She also took the time to provide the positive feedback that all writers crave. The result was a more polished manuscript that I am confident of submitting for publication.

I would recommend Right Lane Writing Services to anyone who needs a proofreader, whether it be for a lengthy manuscript, short fiction and non-fiction texts or even university assignments.

Anthony Cupitt – “Honest, reliable proofreader.” Author of "Guardians", Philosopher, English Teacher

attention to detail Right Lane Writing ServicesLane’s editorial assistance in our project was incisive, timely, and crucial.

She brought attention to detail and the sense that she wanted these books to succeed as much as we did.

The result was that we were able to bring our completed work to our publisher with confidence – all the important errors and ommissions had already been dealt with in a timely manner.

Julie Arnold – “Attention to detail.” Co-author "English in Practice"

Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee Right Lane Writing Services



With a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, by letting me do the writing, editing and/or proofreading for you, I will save you time, effort, and money, allowing you to focus on what you do best.